What are the Technical Parameters Sockets and Switches Must Meet?

Indicator Light

Indicator light is also called “Indicator lamp”,” Signal Lamp”,” Signal light” or “Pilot light”, they are widely used on many machines and devices, to show the operating condition or whether power is on. They have a range of colors and voltages.

We supply a wide range of LED Indicator lights. In our catalogue, They are classified into metal indicator lights, plastic indicator lights and LED holder(LED Bezel). Metal indicator lights are all IP67 waterproof rated, sizes range from 6mm LED indicators up to 40mm. All of LED colors are available, including Bi-color and RGB options.

Plastic LED Indicators are very cost-effective, and they have a variety of styles to choose from. They are not only round shape, but also rectangle and square shapes. Our LED Bezel is very popular because it’s small and with a very short body, So can be stalled

Our LED holders are also very popular because they are very small and have a very short body, so they are very suitable for installation on equipment with a small space. We have various sizes of LED holders corresponding to different sizes of LEDs. The LED holder can be made of plastic black, plastic chrome, Brass chrome plated, and Aluminum anodized black.


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