CEO ’s speech

Our Company, a leading provider of 3D scanning solutions, hosted the SCANTECH 2023 NEW PRODUCT LAUNCH EVENT themed “Pursue the Light, Win the Future” from May 31st to June 1st, attracting many resellers, professionals from China and overseas to share insights on 3D scanning, to network with each other and fuel business. We showcased the latest optical tracking 3D scanner TrackScan-Sharp, and automated measurement products AM-CELL C200 and AM-DESK. Here are some of the highlights.

The conference was kicked off by CEO Mr. Wang Jiangfeng’s speech. In his speech, the CEO shared how the team had grown and evolved over time. Scantech started as a small team of young people passionate about 3D digitization. This small team has grown to a global team with more than 300 employees (as of press date).

CEO ’s speech

One of the highlights of the conference was the offline launch of our latest optical tracking 3D scanner TrackScan-Sharp, and automated measurement systems AM-DESK and AM-CELL, which offer high accuracy, fast measurement rate, and ease of use for various industries. TrackScan-Sharp is equipped with 25-MP cameras and boasts a measurement volume of up to 49 m3, which dramatically reducing the time and costs for measuring large parts.

Latest optical tracking 3D scanner TrackScan-Sharp

Our resellers and users can now enjoy the convenience of automated measurement with our standard products AM-DESK and AM-CELL. They experienced these products in action and learned about their advantages. Our 3D measurement products improve workflow and eliminate downtime for manufacturers by offering modular design, quick installation, one-button-start and 100% automated measurement.

Standard automated measurement products

The conference featured three guest speakers from metrology, automotive industry, and automated inspection, who shared their insights and experiences on the applications and trends of 3D scanning technology.

Miss. Li Jianshuang from the National Institute of Metrology, China gave an insightful presentation on the evolution of the meter definition and its implications for geometric measurement development.

Speech from the expert of National Institute of Metrology, China

Mr. Sun Dashuan from HYCAN compared the traditional inspection methods and blue laser 3D scanning, highlighting their advantages and disadvantages.

speech about 3D scanning in automotive industry


Mr. Xu Peng from COMAC presented the solution for the part-level automated inspection in the aviation industry.

speech about automated inspection in the aviation industry

The conference also showcased the stories and achievements of some of our outstanding resellers, who have been working with us for years and have grown their business and customer base with our products and support.

3D scanning application sharing

Our sales team shared some successful case studies of our 3D scanning solutions in different sectors, such as molds, machinery, aerospace parts, and more. The resellers were impressed by the versatility and performance of our products, and expressed their interest and confidence in promoting them to their customers.


The conference was an excellent opportunity for us to connect with our resellers, exchange ideas and feedback, and strengthen our partnership. We are grateful for their trust and support, and we look forward to working with them to deliver more valuable and innovative 3D scanning products to the market.

3D scanning conference


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