1. Electricians will use insulating tape during construction, which can also be regarded as the guardian of the circuit. If it is a good quality insulating tape, it also has a certain service life. It is usually necessary to do regular inspection and replacement of the tape. Generally speaking, the service life can reach about 7 or 8 years. But if it is used outdoors, it will suffer The service life will be shortened under the influence of the harsh environment of wind and rain, about 3 to 5 years.
  2. In the process of using the insulating tape, in order to protect the circuit, it will also release a certain amount of heat, so there will be a certain loss after a long time. If it is used outdoors, plus wind, sun, and rain, the use time will be greatly reduced. When we use insulating tape, we should wrap it outdoors, preferably several layers.
  3. Regarding the service life of insulating tape, it is not possible to listen to its theoretical knowledge. The best thing is to do regular maintenance and inspection. And bandaging is also very important. If you want to have a longer service life, it is best to adopt a special joint bandaging form.


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