The insulating adhesive tape has good mechanical strength and dielectric properties, and can be used for wrapping insulation of motors, electrical appliances and insulating parts. Commonly used insulating adhesive tapes with polyester film, silicone
Glass adhesive tape, etc. According to the operating temperature requirements, different heat-resistant grades of materials can be selected for the substrate and adhesive, such as polyimide film with F and H grades. If there is mica paper in the adhesive tape, it belongs to the mica type, such as epoxy glass cloth powder mica tape, which is mainly used for high-voltage large motors and other electrical insulation tape. According to the properties of the adhesive used in the adhesive tape, there are heat-sealed or hot-pressed, self-adhesive or pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes. Hot-pressed adhesive tapes can only be bonded together under heat and pressure. Self-adhesive or pressure-sensitive tapes usually require only a small pressure (in most cases, the pressure when wrapping the tape is sufficient), and other factors such as heating can be used to make the layer-to-layer bonding well. Self-adhesive tape with acrylic polyester film (Class B insulation), acrylic polyamide film pressure sensitive tape (Class F insulation), etc. This kind of self-adhesive tape is widely used in wrapping or wrapping electrical parts, and it is very convenient to use. In addition, there are a small number of pure adhesive self-adhesive tapes without a substrate, such as silicone rubber self-adhesive tapes, which can be used as insulating materials for large motors, cables, transformers, and electrical plugs for airplanes.


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