1. 1500 lead-free electrical insulation tape; voltage level: 600V and below; size: 18mm×10m×0.13mm; color: black; dielectric strength: >39.37KV/mm (1000v/mil).
2. 1600 lead-free electrical insulation tape; specifications (width×length×thickness): temperature class: 80℃ (176℉); 18mm×20m×0.15mm; color: black; thickness: 6mils; dielectric strength>39.37kv/ mm(1000v/mil); insulation resistance>10^12 ohm; voltage level below 600V.
3. Application of electrical tape 1300: It is suitable for insulation coating of various industrial wires, easy to tear and wind. Voltage rating: below 600v; temperature rating: 0°c-80°c.


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