What is a KCD4 rocker switch?

KCD4 rocker switch is a common type of circuit switch hardware products, is a small high-capacity power switch that is suitable for many home appliances and office equipment, which is more applicable than other switches. KCD4 rocker switch is generally used in water dispenser, treadmill, computer speakers, battery car, motorcycle, ion television, coffee pot, platoon insert, massage machine, etc., mainly for household appliances.

KCD4 rocker switches are popular in many kinds of systems because of their ease of use. Because the function usually turns off when the button is released or when a timer automatically turns off, they don’t require the same attention as other switches, such as a toggle switch.

A KCD4 rocker switch is also known as a Ship-shaped Switch or Seesaw Switch. Internally, its mechanical structure is similar to a toggle switch, but the actuator is boat-shaped. Boat-shaped switches are often used as power switches for electronic equipment.

KCD4 rocker switches are electrical switches that are equipped with a spring-loaded button. When the button is pressed in one position, a circuit is completed. If the button is released, the spring-loaded operation pushes the button back to its resting position and the circuit is open.

Some rocker switches operate more than one circuit on the same button. An excellent example is a power door lock switch. When the lock button is pressed, the power lock actuator is commanded to lock. When the button is released, the switch springs back to the resting position, and power no longer is sent to the lock actuator to lock the door, though it remains in the locked position. The other end of the rocker switch is the unlock button. When it is pressed and released, the same function occurs with the lock actuator for the unlocked position.

Some rocker switches activate a timer and when the button is released, the function continues to operate until the timer turns off, such as a rear window defogger grid button.

The most common rocker switch is made in single-pole, single-throw (SPST) circuitry. It is useful as the common ON-OFF switch that controls a single electronic (a.k.a. load). For more complicated applications, rocker switches can be made with multiple poles and throws.

General classification:

  1.  [SPST]Single pole single throw: 1 moving contact and 1 static contact. There’s only one channel.
  2. [SPDT]Single pole double throw: 1 moving contact and 2 static contacts, which can connect the static contacts on both sides respectively.
  3. [DPST]Double pole single throw: 2 moving contacts and 2 static contacts, there are 2 channels.
  4. [DPDT]Double pole double throw: 2 moving contacts and 4 static contacts, 4 channels (2 static contacts on both sides).

So we have no waterproof and waterproof rocker switch series, such as KCD1/KCD2/KCD3/KCD4/KCD5 rocker switch.

Fault Solution to the General Rocker Switch:

Here shall briefly introduce the fault solution to the general rocker switch.

Fault description:

When the circuit is connected, turn on the switch, lamp on it still keep bright or can not come back, and usually goes with the air switch tripping.


There is a metal sheet inside the rocker switch, in the middle, there’s a spring fulcrum. If the spring moves or the plastic stent become aging or distorting, the switch will not be such flexible as before. Users can first cut off the power and then separate it to see what’s the reason. If it is not for the plastic part damages, it can be fixed maybe. The zero lines inside the switch are straight, and it has nothing to do with the switch components. Therefore, if there’s an air switch tripping, it may be caused by damage to the zero line’s insulation layer. Users can clip the damaged part and re-connect the circuit. And ensure the insulation. Besides, the fault can also be caused by the short circuit of the indicated lamp’s feet, if in that case, users can just re-connect the wire.

Rocker Switch Wiring Diagram

Example of SPST rocker switch, We will now go over the wiring diagram of a rocker switch, so that you can know how rocker switches are internally constructed.

This will help you visualize how rocker switches work so that you can know how to connect them.


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