Hydraulic Hole Punching Tool

A cable clipper is a commonly used tool for gripping wires in the construction and maintenance of electrified overhead lines of electric power, telecommunications, and railways.


The general wire clipping device is forged with high-strength aluminum alloy material. The wire clipping device is easy to operate, firm, and durable.


The wire clipping device is suitable for overhead power line construction, clamping and tightening wire, and hole punch tools adjusting radian.


Classification of clippers:


According to the use, it can be divided into aluminum alloy conductor clamping device, adjusting sag insulated conductor clamping device for overhead wire: tensioning and adjusting sag steel strand clamping device for insulated conductor. Ground strand clamping device for steel strand. Connection adjustment and ground wire clamping device for cable tower.


Single peach card wire holder: It is suitable for adjusting and tightening grounding wires of tie poles and towers. Double-peach clipper: Frog-type clipper for adjusting the tension and grounding wires of tie poles and towers: for tightening the ground wires and railway catenary wires and adjusting the radian of anti-twist wire rope clipper: for adjusting the anti-twist wire rope tension cable clipper: for adjusting the cable tension of optical cables.


Classification by conductor: overhead wire clipper, bare aluminum (copper) wire clipper, strand clipper, steel core aluminum strand clipper, communication cable clipper, special cable clipper for an electric train.


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