With the development of geophysical prospecting, especially to meet the needs of high-precision prospecting, high-density acquisition, broadband acquisition, single-point acquisition and low-cost acquisition. The parameters of seismic geophone data should be added to the parameters of the geophone, including but not limited to. Develop displacement geophones, add new performance indicators, perform some physical inspections on classification performance indicators, etc. By adding these contents, it can help customers to accurately select the geophone type, and to improve the quality of seismic data acquisition and reduce the quality. Is there any necessity to add some parameters of seismic geophone?

Developing Displacement Geophone


This type of geophone is introduced mainly because new geophones such as optical fiber geophone have entered the geophysical field for a few years. Most optical fiber parameters of seismic geophone data acquisition systems and optical fiber geophones are displacement geophones.


Effective Bandwidth


Compared with false frequency, effective bandwidth can more directly reflect geophone’s ability on frequency bandwidth receiving, which could provide an ”accurate and direct reference on geophone selecting.


Phase Delay


It reflects the response speed and conformity (authenticity) of geophones to seismic signals, which is relatively important for fine exploration and high-resolution acquisition.


Dynamic Range


At present, the demand for broadband exploration is gradually increasing. As the front-end equipment of seismic exploration, the dynamic range of a geophone is becoming more and more important.


Industrial Vibration Interference Sensitivity


Nowadays, industrial environment interference is very serious, and full-frequency exploration and fine exploration have become common demands. Therefore, it is very important to eliminate industrial environment interference and pick up effective seismic signals to improve the quality of data acquisition.


Minimum Identifiable Vibration


This can be understood as an extension of the dynamic range, which is important for fine exploration or high-resolution exploration.


Corresponding Attenuation Time


It looks similar to damping, but it will reflect the corresponding velocity and conformity of the geophone much better, which is important for high-resolution exploration.


Orthogonal component mutual sensitivity


This parameter is specifically for multi-component exploration. For multi-component geophones, the geophone supplier should provide this parameter.


Performance of geophone accessories


In order to reduce the acquisition cost, improve the compatibility of jointing /mixing geophones supplied by different manufacturers and unify maintenance materials, standardize maintenance tools and introduce automatic mechanical equipment for geophone repairing and maintenance, the performance of geophone accessories has become an important factor when judging geophone performance. For example, DC resistance, maximum tilt Angle, ambient temperature, maximum waterproof depth, tensile strength, drop times, insulation resistance, plug times, polarity and other parameters are basically related to spares of the geophone(such as geophone case, geophone spike, geophone connector, geophone cable, etc).

In a word, as the first part of seismic exploration, the development and performance of geophone, should not only adopt new technologies on seismic data acquisition but also and need to achieve precise exploration, broadband exploration and low-cost acquisition. For geophone suppliers, there are significant meanings by providing the right geophone type with enough parameters:

  • To solve the problem of geophone compatibility.
  • To solve the problems of uneven geophone quantity quality and too many geophone models and reduce the costs of geophone design and manufacturing.
  • To unify the top-level technology design for seismic geophone, and provide guidance for geophone manufacturers and geophone users.


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