Established in 2003, today LIOIJ has been an established Chinese manufacturer of portable air purifiers, vacuum cleaners, and the most fashionable small household appliances. We have fully geared ourselves toward the international marketplace.

One of the biggest strengths of LIOIJ is the team. LIOIJ gathers a group of inspired and top industrial designers, creative R&D engineers, highly skilled factory workers, and passionate sales and logistics teams. We continuously strive to exceed customer expectations in ensuring excellent sales & service support.

LIOIJ‘s products are built to comply with major international standards, including European Standard EN as well as other relevant standards for each product type. With our machines, many excellent global partners are spreading it to South Korea, Japan, Southeast Asia, European countries, and North America.

We are driven by the commitment to add value through innovation, quality, service and thereby building sustainable long-term business partnerships.


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