What are the Technical Parameters Sockets and Switches Must Meet?

Micro switches, also known as snap switches, are operated by using spring-loaded levers to open and close the two internal coordinates inside the device. Micro switches are inexpensive parts that can function for a very long time. And some of the parts can withstand more than 10 million cycles before they break down. The switches are used in a variety of different applications, but their main characteristics being easily actuated and incredibly durable make them common in consumer devices, industrial applications and other uses where they endure many cycles over their lifespan.

How does the micro switch work?

The power supply is usually connected to a common terminal, which leads to the switch and supplies power to the spring. Because the spring contacts the normally closed pin, the power supply is sent out here that is called a stationary state. Once the robotic arm moves, the power is transferred to the regular budget.

Where can you find them?

These are small devices, usually only designed to carry low current and low voltage. These switches are very safe because they are reliable, cheap, and can be circuited when needed, thereby preventing someone from the opening: the machine or closing the door, so safety devices are often used.

Daier provides sealed miniature and ultra-miniature microswitches that comply with industry standards and RoHS regulations.

Daier’s MICRO SWITCH switches fill many roles in customers’ applications. Also, it includes presence, absence, positioning as well as inspection, recognition, condition measurement, etc. From sealed switches used in high-temperature aerospace applications to large cable-pull switches that ensuring safety on conveyors, Daier is the right switch!


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