Notes on using waterproof switch

1. When welding the waterproof switch terminal, if the terminal is loaded, there will be the possibility of loosening, deformation and poor electrical performance due to different conditions. Pay attention when using it.

2. When using through-hole printed circuit boards and other recommended circuit boards, they will change due to thermal stress, so please fully determine the soldering conditions in advance.

3. When performing two welding, please restore the first welding part to normal temperature. Continuous heating will deform the surroundings, loosen the terminals, fall off, and reduce electrical characteristics.

4. Regarding the setting of welding conditions, it is necessary to confirm the actual mass production conditions. The product is designed and manufactured on the premise of DC resistance loading. Please confirm the use of other loads [sensitive load, capacitive load] separately.

5. For the mounting holes and methods of printed circuit boards, please refer to the recommended dimensions listed in the product drawings. 6. If too much load is applied to the waterproof switch, the switch may be damaged. Remember not to apply more than the specified force to the switch. Also, please do not hold the operator’s hand from the side.

7. For the flat shaft type, try to press the middle part of the switch. In the hinge structure, when pressing the shaft, pay special attention to the position of the pressing shaft.

8. After the switch is installed, if the adhesive of other parts is hardened and passes through the regenerative hardening furnace, please contact a professional.

9. If corrosive gas is generated from the materials around the whole machine using the switch, it may cause poor contact and other phenomena, so please make full confirmation in advance.

10. Carbon contact points have different contact resistance characteristics due to thrust load. When used in a voltage divider circuit, etc., please use it after sufficient confirmation.

So today’s explanation is here first. The above is all the content of today. I believe everyone has a certain understanding of the precautions when using the waterproof switch. Thank you very much for your patience.

Notes on using waterproof switch


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