Pharmaceutical water treatment is needed because of the complexity of applications in the pharmaceutical industry and their importance to the production of medicines that can save millions of lives worldwide. Water is an important ingredient in medicines and an important factor in the preparation, rinsing, sterilizing and cleaning operations.

AGUA RO uses the latest pharmaceutical water treatment systems on the market to improve production efficiency and reduce costs without compromising the safety and quality of product development. Our expertise and experience in the pharmaceutical industry means that we can provide our customers with first-class water purification systems using double pass reverse osmosis systems and EDI system as well as polished resins to achieve ultra-pure water quality.

Here we will look at the purification process of the Ultra Pure Water Machine, which is divided into the following four steps:

1. Firstly, the pretreatment unit of ultra-pure water machine is used for primary purification of raw water.

2. The pre-treated influent is treated by a reverse osmosis unit to prepare pure water.

3. In the third step, 18.2MΩ.com ultra pure water can be prepared by ion exchange resin treatment.

The following equipment will be used in the manufacturing industry or the experimental water industry

1. Reverse osmosis equipment

2. EDI equipment

3. Polishing resin


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