Have you heard of piezo switches? They’ve become one of the most popular types of touch switches on the market. Like all touch switches, piezo switches don’t rely on moving parts to open and close their circuits. Rather, you can control them via touch. What are piezo switches exactly, and how do they work?

The Basics of Piezo Switch

A piezo switch is a type of touch switch that relies on the piezoelectric effect to open and close its circuits. You can operate them by pressing your finger against a given key. When exposed to your finger, the piezo switch will generate a pulse of electricity that opens or closes the underlying circuit.

How Piezo Switches Work

Piezo switches work by using a piezoelectric element to generate electricity. Piezoelectric elements are materials that convert and store mechanical energy as electric energy. Touching a piezo switch will exposed it to mechanical stress. As you press your finger against a button, the piezoelectric element will take this mechanical energy and store it as electric energy. This electricity is then used to change the circuit’s orientation.

Advantages of Piezo Switches

With their touch-based method of operation, piezo switches are durable. It’s not uncommon for piezo switches to last for millions or even tens of millions of key presses. Other types of switches tend to have a shorter lifespan. Mechanical switches, for instance, are exposed to wear and tear during each key press. Therefore, they are more likely to experience premature failure than their piezo switch counterparts.

Another advantage of piezo switches is moisture protection. They can be used in wet and humid environments without succumbing to moisture damage. With piezo switches, the circuits are protected from moisture. Piezo switches feature a sealed design that prevents moisture from reaching their circuits. This makes them an attractive choice for wet and humid environments.

You can easily clean piezo switches. All switches will inevitably gather dust and dirt. Thanks to their sealed design, however, you can clean a piezo switch with traditional cleaning products. Spraying a cleaning product onto a piezo switch won’t damage it. All piezo switches are sealed, so you can clean them without damaging them.

There are different the faceplate materials available for piezo switches. Stainless steel is a popular choice. It’s sleek, strong and resistant to rust. Other faceplate materials for piezo switches include aluminum, glass and plastic, each of which offers its own benefits.


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