Precautions for selecting materials for tact switches

Nowadays, people rely more and more on the Internet on electrical appliances, and even more electrical appliances adopt touch screens in order to express high-end intelligence. However, the internal structure of the switch is still indispensable. Because the tact switch is very active. Although it is only a small switch like a fingernail, the manufacturing process is very complicated. First of all, there are many issues worthy of consideration in the selection of materials. The choice of materials is not only for low cost, but also for durability. Generally, it has certain resistance to other environmental factors such as moisture and heat. Once the tact switch is improperly used in the selection of materials, it will cause a lot of trouble in the process of daily use in the future, and because the internal circuit structure of current smart appliances is very complicated, even if professionals open the box for repairs It is also very complicated, so people now avoid frequently opening the box for repairs. More and more professionals have reminded manufacturers of tact switches that they need to check the quality at the beginning of material selection. This will bring great convenience to subsequent manufacturers.

The first choice of materials must have a very good ability to resist the special environment. In the hot summer, the air temperature is very high. It is recognized that many switch materials will melt because they cannot withstand the high temperature. This will have a certain impact on the use of the product. In the cold winter, many materials become very fragile due to the low temperature, and they will break if touched slightly, causing product damage. Therefore, the material selection of the tact switch should consider the highest and lowest temperature it can withstand. As long as it is ensured that the material will not be deformed or damaged under extreme conditions, it can prove to be an optional material suitable for the production of tact switches. The same high humidity will also cause corrosion and damage to the material to a certain degree. Many tests have shown that if the room is not too large, for example, in the rainy days in the south of the summer, many materials will fail. This is because the air The amount of steamed water is too much, and electricity is generated, so it cannot be manipulated more actively. Therefore, the more the control switch used in the extreme environment, the more strict the quality of the material is, the more corrosion-resistant, high-temperature and moisture-resistant special materials are refined, as long as the control of the tact switch is mastered, The rod is enough to form a strict control of the entire machine.

Fortunately, when selecting materials, you should also pay attention to whether it has a certain degree of waterproof and electrical insulation. This is mainly due to people’s safety considerations. Nowadays, most household appliances are used in home appliances, so because people use safety considerations, the selection of materials must be insulated and waterproof. If the selected materials are not very active for electricity and water, it will pose a certain degree of safety hazards and cause great damage to humans. Generally speaking, the Tact Switch will conduct multiple tests on the material before it is produced to prove that it can block water or electricity well. Especially in special circumstances, such as the rainy season in summer or when exposed to the sun, whether the machine’s electrical insulation capacity has declined, all need to be considered before production. As long as safety is the top criterion, it can be put into production in large quantities.

In addition, environmental performance is also an aspect that needs to be paid attention to when selecting materials for tact switches. Now our country vigorously promotes environmental protection, which is not only for the long-term consideration of our environment, but also for the sake of human health. Therefore, when selecting materials, whether it meets my country’s national environmental protection standards, and the environmental damage to human health requires strict testing and testing.


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