Many owners have purchased  prefiltration filter and are very aware of the health benefits of water, but only a few people know how to properly maintain pre-filters.

Today, I will popularize this knowledge for everyone, and the specific introduction is as follows

1. Equipment antifreeze measures:

The room temperature for indoor installation should not be lower than 0 degrees, because the volume of water will expand during the solidification process. If it freezes, it will directly cause the pre-filter tube and filter bottle to burst and cause leakage. If it is installed outdoors, anti-freezing measures must be taken. If there is no anti-freezing measures, the pre-filter may crack and the pre-filter must be stopped below zero. If you do not use the pre-filter for a long time or you need to go out, you must close the water inlet valve, drain all the water in the filter bottle, and check the appearance of the machine before normal use.

2. In the case of icing treatment:

The entire water purifier should be placed in a naturally thawed room at room temperature above 10°C for 48 hours, in order to continue to use water during this period, and cannot be forced to pass through the water filter to completely check for water leakage after thawing.

Other equipment protection: avoid direct sunlight, no matter what kind of water purification equipment, you must pay attention to avoid direct sunlight when using the sun to grow algae. Technicians remind the public to properly protect the front filter. If you need to place it in the sun or other places where it may be exposed to direct sunlight, it is recommended to cover a sunshade or baffle near the pre-filter to prevent algae.


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