The components that make the contacts open the circuit, connect the circuit, and switch the circuit by mechanical operation are called mechanical switches. Classified by pole and position: single-pole switch, multi-pole switch;

Classified by structure: rotary wave band switch, direct key (piano key) wave band switch, toggle wave band switch, dial (dial) wave band switch, toggle switch, wave switch, micro switch.

Electronic switch refers to an operating unit that uses electronic circuits and power electronic devices to achieve circuit on and off, including at least one controllable electronic drive device, such as thyristor, transistor, field effect tube, thyristor, relay, etc.

However, in actual use, electronic switches mainly refer to wall switches such as touch switches, inductive switches, voice-activated switches, and wireless switches.

An electronic switch refers to an operating unit that uses power electronic devices to make a circuit on and off, and includes at least one controllable electronic valve device.

Digital electronic switch: The bistable circuit is composed of electronic components. This kind of circuit is composed of useful integrated circuits composed of discrete components. There are also monolithic integrated circuits that are bistable, and there are many types.

Such as D flip-flops, J-K flip-flops, such as thyristors, photoelectric switches, various switch-type digital sensors, which can be used for switching power supplies, signal detection and identification, etc.

Analog electronic switches are also called solid state relays, which have no contacts, long life, and are not restricted by the operating environment. There are triodes in electronic switches, and when the triode is off, it can be regarded as disconnection. The saturation of the triode can be regarded as on.


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