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The description of the 22mm waterproof Filn metal emergency stop push button.

The mounting hole size of the product is 22mm, and we can produce the product, which size is 16mm and 19mm, etc.

We can produce the product with the function of 1NO1NC, or with the function of 2NO2NC. 1NO1NC product has 3 pins, it controls single road, 2NO2NC product is dual-way controlled.

The head material of the product is zinc alloy, which can be oxidized into a variety of colors, the most conventional color is red. The head size can be produced according to the customer’s size requirements.

The rated current of the product is 5A 250V AC, the service life is 100,000 times, it can be used on the motor, which power is 1000W.

What is the emergency stop push-button?

The industry called the product the “emergency stop push button” for short. When an emergency occurs, one can achieve protection by quickly pressing this button.

The striking red push button switch can be seen on many automation devices, with the red fonts, which have the same meaning as “emergency stop”. This push button is collectively known as an emergency stop button. This button is just pressed down directly. You can quickly let the whole device stop or release some transmission parts immediately. To start the device again, you must rotate the button, which is only released after rotating clockwise for about 45° and the machine can be energized.

In industrial safety, in the case of abnormal circumstances, referring to some transmission parts, which will directly or indirectly cause damage to the human body must be with protected measures, the emergency stop button is one of them. Therefore, the emergency stop button must be added when designing some machines with transmission parts. Meanwhile, it should be installed on the machine surface, it is a convenient operation for workers and without any blocks.

How to wire the emergency stop push-button?

The product has 4 wiring ways.

The wiring way 1

Light: Not working,

Switch: Opened

When you press the button, the light is working, the switch is closed.

The wiring 2

Light: Working,

Switch: Opened

When you press the button, the light is working, the switch is closed.

The wiring 3

Light: Working,

Switch: Closed

When you press the button, the light is not working, the switch is opened.

Light: working,

Switch: closed

When you press the button, the light: working, switch: opened

Where to buy the emergency stop push-button?

If your time is urgent, you can place an order at www.cnfiln.com, we will arrange the delivery on the same day, or you can purchase the product through email communication offline. The weight per product is about 0.05KG, we will choose the delivery way according to the customer’s purchase quantity. The quantity per box is 20 pieces, and one box has 500 pieces. The product has no MOQ, we can supply samples free of charge for your test.

The product of Filn had passed the certifications of CE, ROSH, ISO90001, and also has a professional push-button laboratory, which can ensure the product’s quality.

Except for the push button switch, Filn also produces supporting indicators, rocker switches, etc., if you want to custom the push button switch or indicator light, you can contact us immediately, we will give you a satisfactory solution within 24 hours.

If you are interested in our products or want to purchase them, or need the samples, please contact us directly, our email address is inquiry@cnylin.com,cn.



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