Rattan furniture is not only suitable for outdoor areas such as balconies, courtyards, terraces, etc., but also extends to indoor leisure spaces because of its comfortable, chic and natural design. At present, more and more home spaces choose outdoor leisure furniture, such as living room, Bedroom, study, etc. The orange-casual rattan furniture has a heavy feel different from wooden and leather furniture.




In June, the orange-casual 2000-square-meter exhibition hall welcomed Ms. Luo, a villa user who came all the way from Beijing. She will add furniture to her villa in Hainan. Considering the climate in Hainan, all the furniture will be made of rattan instead of wood. , Through the explanation of Comfort professionals, Ms. Luo immediately left the drawings and asked our designers to help make plans.



In the next July, Ms. Luo was very satisfied with the designer’s plan, and happily delivered the deposit and expressed her confidence in the profession of orange-casual. I am very fortunate that orange-casual has such partners, who have always believed and supported us, thank you.



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