RCCB: Residual Current Circuit Breaker. Type: A and AC.

RCCB is aimed to be used to protect the equipment from electric leakage and to protect people from dangerous electric shocks.

Installing RCCB in the circuit will protect personnel from the risk of electric shock. Therefore, it is good and reliable to install RCCB in your electrical circuit.

Our friends from Turkey used our RCCB with Schneider products in their elevator system to ensure the safety of the elevator and every passenger in the elevator.

The RCCB sensitive test button is shown in the video feedback. There is a test button in each RCCB. Testing the RCD every 3 months enables the detection of any event that may have impaired its operation. If the RCCB is in normal operation, it will automatically trip when the small button is pressed.

Protecting your safety is our responsibility. Tongue electrical wants to be your safe and reliable low voltage partner.



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