The RO filter forces water through the pores of the fine mesh membrane. This core process eliminates many pollutants in the water, but not all pollutants. As you can see, the technology for producing this membrane is very complicated, but the concept is simple.

Here are tips for viewing these filters.

What is your pollution problem?

This filtration method can theoretically retain anything larger than water molecules. In practice, due to the change in pore size in the filter, some larger particles allow it to pass.

Reverse osmosis produces organic chemicals, toxic minerals, and many microorganisms, but it does not produce taste, smell or radon gas.

Also include other filters

Most reverse osmosis systems include other filters as part of the overall system. For example, iron in the water can greatly reduce the life of the filter. As a result, the membrane must be before the sediment filter. To improve the taste, a carbon filter is included behind the membrane. By combining filters, the entire system is most suitable for dealing with multiple water challenges.

Wastewater may be a factor

These systems work by excluding materials. This means that most of the water supplied to the filter will never actually pass through. This waste water, called salt water, takes away the eliminated substances and must usually be treated in a septic tank system.

Need water pressure

The water pressure forces the water through a precision filter in the center of the system. Filters vary, but usually a water pressure of about 35-40 psi is required to obtain acceptable performance. In most municipal systems, this is no problem. In rural water settings, this may be a show stop.

Cost is sometimes hidden

The cost of these filters will exceed a lot, usually because multiple filter types are needed to solve all water quality problems. It is cheap to make water with these sounds, but don’t forget to include all costs. For example, it is easy to ignore all waste water. Don’t forget to dispose of all water in the waste system. You not only need to buy additional water. Then you have to pay the price to get rid of it somehow.

Reverse osmosis water is generally regarded as the standard for comparison with other types of filters. Realize that the core filter can only get some contaminants. Once all water problems are resolved, the entire filtration system may become very complicated.


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