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What is water softener system?

What is hard water? Hardness is measured in milligrams per liter,soft water has a hardness range of less than twenty milligrams per liter.hard water comes in at 121 to over a hundred and eighty milligrams per liter.there are also some visual signs to let you know that your water might be hard.

Hard water contains a large amount of dissolved calcium magnesium iron and other particles.Among the main disadvantages of having hard water come into your home: number one it can make your laundry feel stiffer and loo less vibrant;number two it can cause mineral buildup in your appliances and your pipes;number three it can reduce the efficiency of your heating elements in water heaters;number four it can produce corrosion and rust;number five it reduces the lather of soap and shampoo during showers.

Water softener system essentially reduce the water contaminants and scale buildup and extend the lifespan of your home application.

How do water softeners work? 

Water softer equipment is designed to remove calcium and magnesium ions in the water with an effective rate of up to 99%. At the same time, it can also remove algae and suspended solids in the water, so that the water will circulate and deteriorate after treatment.

When it contains the resin layer in the water softener, the calcium and magnesium ions in the water are converted into energy, and sodium ions are released in equal amounts.

Working process of water softer

1.Water supply:the untreated water passes through theresin layer, reacts and exchanges, then becomes soft. 2.Backwash : water oozes from the resin layer, loosens the resin and seeps out fine debris. 3.Brine feed and regeneration: using a higher concentration of salt water (Nacl) through the resin, the failed resin was restored to sodium resin.  4.Rinse:according to the process of water supply, the water is washed through the resin to remove the excess salt solution and regenerate the exchanged calcium and magnesium ions. 5. Water Injection:pour water into the salt tank to dissolve the salt for regeneration.

Water filtration and water softer

There are many kinds of water treatment equipment on the market,although the names of these water treatment equipment are different, the working principle is much the same, which is to achieve the water purification function through the filter element. Here we will do a simple comparison between water filtration and water softer to enhance understanding


Water filtration: to remove Particles, heavy metals, anionic species, dyes, inks and other organics

Water softer: to remove calcium and magnesium ions in the water


Water filtration: to get purified water, to meet the needs of food and beverage, chemical, refinery etc.

Water softer: to get domestic water, to meet the needs of bathing, beauty, brushing, gargling, etc

Used filter element:

Water filtration: Activated carbon filter cartridge, RO membrane,pleated filter cartridge,melt blown filter cartridge,high flow cartridge filter,etc.

Water softer: Activated carbon filter cartridge,resin,etc

Service life of used filter element:

Water filtration: varieties of filter cartridges, the service life varies from few months to few years.

Water softer: it usually adapts strong resin which can be used more than 10 years.

If you want to learn more information of water treatment,feel free to contact brother filtration.


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