The rubber industry is widely used. Some products are not standard or have different shapes. The rubber-shaped parts that they are equipped with are also different. The following introduces the rubber-shaped parts.

1.Rubber is a hot-melt and thermosetting elastomer, and plastic is a hot-melt and cold-set. Due to the different types of sulfur compounds, the temperature range of molding and curing of rubber is also quite different. It can even be affected by climate change and indoor temperature and humidity. Therefore, the production conditions of rubber parts need to be appropriately adjusted at any time. If not, the quality of rubber parts may be different.

2.During the molding of rubber-shaped parts, the cohesive force due to the elastic body can not be eliminated due to the large pressure. When the molded part is released from the mold, it will often cause extremely unstable shrinkage. After a period of time, it can be gently stabilized. Therefore, when a rubber accessory is designed, it is necessary to calculate the fit carefully regardless of the formula or mold. If not, the size of the rubber accessory is likely to be unstable and the quality of the rubber accessory is low.

3.Rubber-profiled parts are made of rubber raw material after mixing with rubber mixer as raw material. During rubber mixing, the formula is designed according to the characteristics of the required rubber parts and the required product hardness is determined. The product is molded by a rubber flat vulcanizing machine. After the product is formed, the flashing treatment is finally performed to smooth the product surface without burrs.


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