SCANTECH is very pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Oscar Meza as our Global Chief Commercial Officer (CCO).

For over 25 years, Oscar has managed international sales in the 3D industry and has expanded the global market for industrial 3D applications. As V.P. and CEO, he has contributed to the development and accelerated growth of many 3D digital companies and has contributed greatly in them becoming the well-known and influential companies they have become today.

With Oscar’s influence, FARO, Creaform and Shining 3D, all achieved aggressive growth and positioning in the market. He is very familiar with the applications of 3D digital technology for both metrology and consumer-end products, and he specializes in business channel development and team construction.

Jeff Wang, SCANTECH CEO, happily stated, “We have all faced the difficulties and challenges of 2020, but SCANTECH continues its aggressive growth and development. I am incredibly pleased to have Oscar join us, and I believe he will strengthen our foundation to enhance our long-term planning and significantly impact our global market expansion! We are looking forward to seeing him at the upcoming global product launch conference.”


Mr. Oscar Meza said excitedly: “I’ve actually been fascinated by SCANTECH for a long time. SCANTECH has developed very rapidly. This growth can be attributed to the innovation culture and active efforts of the SCANTECH team. I am honored to join this family and am also excited to be able to work with many of my old friends again. I believe that SCANTECH’s future is bright and beautiful – BRIGHT 2021!”



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