Scantech has recently cooperated with Counting Cars, an American reality television series for automotive restoration and modification, to 3D scan cars and help to create 3D printed and customized parts. Scantech offered its high-precision and easy-to-use composite 3D scanner KSCAN-Magic to facilitate the automotive modification thanks to its cutting-edge 3D scanning technology.

Horny Mike from Counting Cars used KSCAN-Magic to 3D scan the grille of a Corvette car and obtained a 3D model of it. He then used the 3D data to create a customized headlights for it.

In the following video of livestreaming, Horny Mike showed us how he used 3D scanner KSCAN-Magic to 3D scan a Corvette grille to create new 3D printed grilles with beautiful headlights. He first stuck targets on the grille for later positioning. With one click, the 3D scanner was up and ready for use. It captured targets very easily and it allowed him to scan from any spot without worrying about any type of scanning sequences. After 3D scanning, he got all the measurement and designed every part of it on the computer. At lats, he took it over to the 3D printer and printed out the grille.

KSCAN-Magic series of 3D laser scanners is the first that incorporates infrared and blue lasers into one single instrument. It offers five standard working modes: large-area scanning (globally initiative infrared laser), ultra-fast scanning (blue laser crosses), hyper-fine scanning (blue parallel laser), deep-hole scanning (single blue laser), and built-in photogrammetry system. With two sets of high-definition industrial cameras, it can conduct 3D scanning meticulously.

There are many ways Scantech 3D technology can be used in automotive industry. Explore the following videos to get insights and inspirations.

3D scanning for GTR rear wing customization

Our engineer uses KSCAN-Magic to obtain 3D data of GTR. Using the data obtained, we virtually assemble a rear wing to enable higher downward force and more stable driving at high speeds. The Nissan GT-R is a 2-door 2+2 high-performance vehicle produced by Nissan unveiled in 2007.

KSCAN-Magic for automotive applications

KSCAN-Magic suits well for automotive applications in terms of dimension measurement and GD&T inspection including gap and flush inspection. Its ultra-fast and hyper-fine scanning modes can cater to various finishes and materials ranging from car grille with complex details, chair with soft and curved surfaces, car door with various holes and slots and more.


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