What will the future development of shoe machinery companies look like? It is an intelligent shoe-making enterprise that connects intelligent shoe-making equipment and management information to produce the raw materials for shoe products to form a database.

We can use imagination to describe the scene of the future shoe factory. Semi-finished shoes on the production line come over. Each pair of shoes has its own identification QR code, which records who ordered it, what code number, what color, and other information. After each shoe comes, it will be controlled by radio frequency identification technology wireless communication.

The controller then transmits the integrated information to robots or ordinary operators, and completes the shoe-making process according to the formula, until the consumer can still keep the backup of the shoe information. In this way, multi-variety, small-batch, customized products can be Say that every pair of shoes is tailored for you from the moment you place an order online. All of its characteristics are in line with your preferences.

The intelligence of the shoe production process is to use the product as a data collection terminal, and upload the continuously collected user data to the cloud so that it can form the core of an industrial Internet, that is, billions in the world. The comprehensive information of the population, clothing, food, housing, transportation, personal preferences, birth, old age, sickness, and death are all in the database. For example, if you want to drink high-end sprinkles at this time, the nearest wine supplier will send it to the code.

When the integration of intelligence and the Internet in shoe machinery companies becomes deeper, another business model is born. This is the cloud factory. The shoe machinery in the factory is also intelligent. They continue to collect their own data and send it to the industrial Internet. At this time, you can see which factories are operating at full capacity and which ones are idle, which can complement each other.



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