Specific instructions for daily maintenance of waterproof micro switch

The waterproof micro switch is a quick change-over switch actuated by pressure. The waterproof micro switch is covered by a shell and has a drive rod outside. Because the contact distance of the switch is relatively small, it is called a micro switch. This time, we will specifically introduce the daily maintenance of the waterproof micro switch.

Since the waterproof micro switch is relatively small and highly sensitive, be careful not to squeeze it forcefully during daily maintenance. Because this kind of switch, whether it is the control button on the instrument or the button on a simple large machine, the principle is similar and the sensitivity is very high. If the waterproof micro switch is used, it is used to knock and squeeze it. Or the daily preservation of the waterproof micro switch is squeezed, which will reduce the sensitivity of its own induction, and at the same time, people will also be disgusted in production and life. As a result, it will have a significant impact on people’s lives.

Waterproof micro switch should not only pay attention to daily use, but also mainly daily storage. Many large machines should also be protected from moisture when not in use to prevent aging and stagnation. The waterproof micro switch needs to be checked for safety from time to time in daily use. Because many switches are internally connected to the entire circuit system or other control systems, it can be described as a blanket function, which can move the whole body when triggered. Therefore, the need to turn on the waterproof micro switch needs to be maintained and tested frequently to prevent the need for production. Sometimes quality problems affect the normal production of the waterproof micro switch and cause related losses.

The detection method of the waterproof micro switch is also very simple, just observe the click feeling and the sensitivity of the reaction. Many materials of the waterproof micro switch have the effect of preventing dust and electricity, so they should be carefully maintained during daily use. During routine maintenance and inspection, pay attention to whether the waterproof micro switch has become fragile or deteriorated due to time aging, or has decreased sensitivity, cracking and other quality problems. Because the function of the waterproof micro switch is very critical, there should be no quality problems.


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