Two-way transformation is obvious

Regional service providers provide more and more products, and professional manufacturers produce fewer and fewer varieties. On the one hand, the industry is gradually showing a new and complex competitive landscape. On the other hand, downstream customers are increasingly demanding, and many functions are personalized and customized, which makes shoe machine providers have to seek new marketing breakthroughs.

Therefore, the shoe machine trader as an intermediary has changed from reselling, acting, distributing, or OEM various machinery and equipment to a provider of overall technical solutions, striving to provide customers with one-stop whole factory services and create profit growth points. The professional machinery and equipment manufacturers have changed their previous wide product line production model to focus (professional, lean, top-notch).






Continued activity in overseas markets

With the further shift of shoe-making companies to lower-cost regions and countries, new sales growth of upstream machinery and equipment providers has been driven. With the rise of shoe- making industries in neighboring countries and other emerging markets, economical and practical domestically produced machines are popular in overseas markets, and transactions are very active.

Many powerful domestic machinery and equipment manufacturers have quietly deployed abroad. With the growth of the local footwear industry, sales have naturally risen. For example, shoe manufacturers in Vietnam, Indonesia, Cambodia, and other countries continue to expand their product lines, and shoe machinery companies with overseas markets, such as Qifeng shoe machinery, have achieved good overseas performance growth.

Automated machines continue to sell well

Although the shoe industry is shifting to low-cost areas, there is also a trend. The artificial rise is not only happening in mainland China, but also the trend of salary adjustments in neighboring countries such as Vietnam, Indonesia, and Cambodia is also spreading. In addition, the supply of raw materials and equipment is not mature. The problem of lagging is the rise of a production method that represents energy saving, low carbon, environmental protection, automation, and intelligence, and has gained a good development space.


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