If you are already working with Chinese suppliers, you may deal with production problems. Isn’t it so? It could be of any type, like after-sale issues, factory refusing to rework, or unacceptable dreading delay.

So Supplyia will help you to avoid those kinds of situations in 4 aspects.

1. Have Supplyia On-Site

Are you ready to deal with a bad situation? Well, having Supplyia at your back could help you. We understand how much it could be frustrated to deal with phone calls and emails. We know the importance of having delicate business conversations with management. So that’s why Supplyia protects your interest.

Our team often has to describe the boss’s overall situation, who is not aware of anything. This is necessary to stay connected and find the best solution that everybody could agree on—no matters what, whether it takes us to arrange phone calls or sending emails.

2. Monitor progress closely

Finding the best solution is not enough; you need to do more than that. Suppliers must agree on steps and ensure that they are fully taken. However, if you find the factory is not moving in the right direction for some time, we will instantly contact them and figure out what is happening.

3. Supplyia set up a plan for your production

Supplyia follows a plan as it’s necessary to have a good plan before the production cycle. The plan as follow:

  • Initially, don’t go for the big orders to a first-time supplier and wait and work to increase your business.
  • We may need you to set up the best quality standard, so keep referring to it when the chosen supplier asks different questions or faces some issues.
  • A quality inspection should be at the place during production and before shipment.
  • We hold some payment until you get fully satisfied with the final products and verify the production status.
  • We will keep like 2-3 weeks of safety in the schedule. Production problems could easily arise in China, and so having a backup manufacturer is handy to keep the speed up.

4.  Check quality before shipment

Whether you are dealing with a big order or the small one, the quality control process makes Supplyia different from other agencies. We thoroughly inspect all the products before they leave China. However, the factory must propose a better way to improve the situation.

If needed, Supplyia can take a 100% check and can ensure everything is good. However, it could be a little expensive, not more than sorting the products yourself in your own country.

So supplyia will be there with you through each step of the process and let your business grow fast.


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