Supplyia is a reliable, trustworthy China sourcing company.

Today, the manufacturing industry in China is booming. For international businesses, it is not easy to monitor production, inspection, packaging, and shipping. This is where Supplyia comes. Our service is to help at every step while importing products from China.

We support small businesses that find it hard to find suitable suppliers at a reasonable cost and avoid all kinds of risks.

We will also negotiate with the suppliers on your behalf and monitor the quality before the products are imported to you.

We will send you an inspection report on the products. In case any products have a defect, we will ensure that you get compensation.

We can do more…

Supplyia is a joint venture of two friends: Yixiao and Jay

Jay Zhao, has a Masters in Mechanical Engineering from the University at Buffalo, USA.

Yixiao Zhang, holds a Masters in Management Science from the University of Kent, UK.

Our Story

After graduating from the University, both of us started by B2C online job: Aliexpress, Amazon, Shopify, Wish…

We noticed the lack of a reliable China sourcing company to support the small online business during our job, especially for those dropshipping sellers. Even though there were 10,000 suppliers in China, no one could guarantee quality and flexible services. So supplyia was founded to help people have a risk-free importing experience to get the best products from China.

Our Goals

We aim to eliminate the issues of handling inventories so that businesses can focus on growing. Now, We have about 10 years of export and sourcing experience and become an expert in handling any issue.


We're not around right now. But you can send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.


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