DC circuit breaker

Today I will give you a brief introduction about the performance of DC circuit breakers, let’s take a look at it together.

DC circuit breakers are mostly non-selective type, and the capacity is small, generally below 600A, the new type of DC air switch can also be made into a selective type, and the capacity is increasing, and some capacity has reached more than 3000A. Small-capacity circuit breakers (below 50A) generally adopt non-energy-storage closing and manual operation; the operating mechanism of large-capacity circuit breakers mostly adopts energy-storage closing, and it can also be remotely controlled. It should be noted that in addition to the general selection principles, the purpose of the circuit breaker should also be considered when selecting. Circuit breakers for power distribution, circuit breakers for motor protection, and wire protection circuit breakers for lighting and daily life.

DC circuit breaker

The DC circuit breaker can be equipped with a variety of accessories to meet the needs of various control and protection. It has high short-circuit breaking capacity, dynamic stability and relatively complete selective protection functions. Compared with the universal circuit breaker, it has the characteristics of compact structure, small size, easy operation, safe and reliable, etc.The disadvantage is that the making and breaking capacity is lower than the universal circuit breaker, the protection and operation methods are less, and some can be repaired, some Cannot be repaired. This type of circuit breaker is widely used in power distribution lines as a protection and distribution switch for the main circuit and small-capacity generators. , Airports, stations, etc.) and residential lighting circuit control and protection, and can also be used as power switches for various production equipment.

This is the end of the above introduction about DC circuit breakers, I hope it will be helpful to your understanding.


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