The central prefilter, also known as the waterway protector, is an integral part of the home’s infrastructure and is generally installed during renovation. The front is a water purification product with a relatively high energy of 90μm. It is an impurity filter device that can filter 40-120 microns of particulate impurities and restore the water quality to the standard of the water plant. It is usually installed after the water meter to any place before the front faucet of the house. The exposed water can reach 90μm. It can ensure that the water supply is relatively high and can reach 90μm. The large amount of precipitated impurities produced in the net will not cause harm to the human body and cause water damage. Wading equipment with relatively high energy up to 90μm and installed on water with relatively high energy up to 90μm, such as water softeners, expert Gu Jiu Chuanzai “machines, pure water machines or direct drinking machines, solar water heaters, electric water heaters, gas water heaters, washing machines, etc. Play a positive role in pre-protection.

The basic front is composed of three parts: filter valve, filter element and filter housing. Although the three components seem simple, they contain mysteries that are unknown to the public.

Filters First take the filter valve as an example. The filter valves on the market currently have three materials: copper, stainless steel, and plastic. Copper and stainless steel are actually similar in material and both belong to metals. In terms of mainstream copper materials, copper is divided into national standard copper and recycled copper. Consumers can distinguish by color. The color of high-quality national standard copper is red, while the color of inferior recycled copper is black due to excessive heavy metal content. Some companies will use chemical pickling to remove the black, usually pickling the recycled material Copper shines like gold. The inferior recycled copper will undoubtedly increase the content of heavy metals in the water due to excessive heavy metals, causing harm to the human body.

followed by the filter element, the filter element is composed of a silicone cover and a stainless steel filter. Among them, the stainless steel filter is the core component of the entire front, and the quality of the filter will directly affect the front filtering effect. Generally, the industry uses 304 stainless steel as the material of the filter. Meigu takes the lead in the industry to adopt the higher cost but better quality 316 stainless steel, which has outstanding advantages in terms of service life and filtering effect.

After comparison, it is the filter housing, which is also called the filter bottle in the industry. The filter bottle is also divided into transparent and opaque. If it is opaque, the state of the filter is often invisible, and it cannot be cleaned properly. Transparent filter bottles can be divided into four colors: blue, green, yellow, and white, and their quality and price decrease in order. The transparent blue filter bottle can meet European standards, and it has many characteristics such as antibacterial and anti-riot. For example, Germany’s Beishi has a full range of transparent blue filter bottles. The white and transparent, and some white and impermeable filter bottles are made of low-quality or recycled plastics, which may even cause the risk of bottle explosion over time, posing a safety hazard at home.

The main function of the prefilter is to remove the visible solid impurities and some harmful chemical substances in the relatively high energy reaches 90μm, mainly including rust, sand, algae, colloid, etc., and the relatively high energy reaches 90μm, faucet, electrical appliances, etc. Active protection. Moreover, another major feature of the front is easy to maintain. A stable quality front can be used for 50 to 70 years, during which only regular cleaning is required for maintenance. Due to the simple structure, cleaning only needs to open the valve and use the pressure of tap water to flush the filter screen.


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