A waterproof rocker switch, as the name suggests, is a rocker switch that can be used in humid environments or can be operated with wet hands. There are other names for the switch, such as: wave switch, rocker switch, IO switch, and power switch, because the rocker switch looks like a ship, it is called so.

Basic introduction

Waterproof rocker switches are widely used, such as in drinking fountains, coffee pots, rice cookers, kettles, etc. At present, there are many brands and types of switches on the market, but in a real sense, they have good waterproof and sealing performance. Still relatively few. Since the British Arcolectric waterproof rocker switch was introduced to the market, it has been widely known and recognized by customers for its superior waterproof performance and excellent quality.


How to choose

Is the certification complete?

Whether the ip67 waterproof rocker switch is fully certified, selected environmentally friendly materials, passed the relevant ROHS regulations, and has SGS certification; it has VDE/DEMKO/KEMA (currently using EU ENEC), UL/CSA, and other certifications. For now, only Arcolectric waterproof rocker switches Can do well to complete certification.


IP67 waterproof standard

The sealing performance of the waterproof rocker switch exceeds the standard. When paired with related accessories, it can reach IP65, IP66, IP67 or even IP68 waterproof rating.


Design issues

Whether the ip67 waterproof rocker switch has a reasonable design, long service life, high-temperature resistance, and high current impact resistance, these should be considered.


Precautions for use

The specific application of the ip67 waterproof rocker switch is restricted by many factors, such as installation method and product installation direction, airflow, pressure difference acting on the product, fluid rebound strength and working voltage; etc. Even if the Arcolectric waterproof boat switch with excellent sealing performance, its sealing technology has reached the leading level, it also means that the switch is completely sealed, and it is necessary to prevent the intrusion of corrosive gases or substances.


FILN is an innovative industrial and trading company integrating r&d, production, and sales. The company was founded in 1998 and has 21 years of history. FILN produces indicator lights, button switches, boat switches, guitar switches, touch control system switches, waterproof micro switches, and other products.


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