The construction of smart grids has brought changes to the switch socket industry, the most obvious of which is the change in the layout of the switch socket industry.

In the future, in the primary equipment, there will be some intelligent units of the secondary equipment. At the same time, for the entire secondary equipment field, part of the functions of the secondary equipment are transferred to the primary equipment and merged into a more integrated intelligent unit.

“The primary metal button switch equipment will promote the design technology of the secondary switch socket equipment, and the secondary switch socket equipment will also achieve an overall breakthrough in technology, becoming more information and interactive. The technological improvement will enhance the equipment The protection function, interactivity and relevance will be stronger.” Langzun Electric Fang told reporters.

Due to the strengthening of relevance, the industrial layout of switch socket equipment manufacturers has also changed. “Switch socket manufacturers will have more consortia, close cooperation with secondary equipment, the trend of the switch socket equipment industry is to integrate, no longer subdivide primary and secondary manufacturers, similar to the current ABB, Longzun.” Zhu Cun, director of the company’s intelligence department, told reporters.

The integration of primary and secondary makes the switch socket industry technology must continue to improve to meet the requirements of the smart grid. Sensing technology, state detection technology, microelectronics technology, etc. are new issues facing the switch socket industry.

“Technically speaking, smart grids have put forward higher requirements for switch socket technology. The primary and secondary requirements must be compatible. More research is needed on more critical technologies, such as sensing technology, status transmission, and diagnosis. It is mature, and there is still a certain distance from practicality.” Zhu Cun said frankly, “Because switch sockets will eventually be applied to smart substations, they also need to be integrated and debugged with smart substations. This requires further research and development.”


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