Heat Shrink Tube and Cold Shrink Tube are common in the market. If you have used them, they should be able to use heat-shrinkable tubing in more places. As long as it needs to be protected, it can be used, such as military enterprises, aircraft tanks, and ships. There are applications for both subway and high-speed trains and automobiles, ranging from household appliances, mobile phone charging cables and earrings, some can be seen, and some are hidden in the device, but the heat shrinkable tube is real and cannot be ignored;

The application range of cold shrinkable tube is relatively narrow for heat shrinkable tube, and the function is not as powerful as that of heat shrinkable tube, but it is used in the communication industry, but other insulating materials cannot match it;

1. Heat shrinkable tube and cold shrinkable tube use different principles, heat shrinkable tube is the principle of radiation expansion, while cold shrinkable tube is the principle of natural expansion of steel wire, heat shrinkable tube is a chemical reaction, and cold shrinkable tube is a physical reaction;

2. Compared with cold-shrinkable tubes of similar specifications, heat-shrinkable tubes are cheaper because the raw materials are cheaper;

3. The heat shrinkable tube has a wider range of applications, and the application is more common;

4. Poor cold-shrinkable tubing may burst during transportation depending on the environment’s high and low temperatures or bumps, while heat-shrinkable tubing does not have this risk. The biggest risk is that the temperature may shrink above 70 degrees;

5. There are many materials for heat shrinkable tubing, including silicone rubber, polyethylene, PVC, Teflon, fluoro rubber, etc., while cold shrinkable tubing is currently made of silicone rubber and EPDM;

The biggest advantage of cold shrink tube is that it does not need to be heated and contracted, and does not need to be hot. It has absolute advantages in high-altitude operation. Because of its special principle, it is very suitable for outdoor use. It is widely used in domestic mobile, China Unicom and telecommunication tower feeders. It has excellent aging resistance, corrosion resistance, ultraviolet radiation resistance, and waterproof performance. If you are worried about waterproofing, there is also a built-in double cement cold shrink tube. The waterproof performance can be said to be the icing on the cake;


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