When we think of “dirty” water, we first think of water-borne diseases. But it has always been pollutants, such as arsenic, lead and other toxic particles, which may be fatal in the long run. In this case, the best way is to install a water purifier at home to remove harmful particles and solvents, and bring clean water to your family. You can choose a combination of UF purifier, UV water purifier, reverse osmosis water purifier or ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis water purifiers. For most of us, trying to distinguish between them can be confusing.

What is an ultraviolet (UV) water purifier?

One of the basic forms of filtration of UV water purifiers is the use of UV radiation to kill bacteria. Force the water to pass through the UV pipe and be exposed to radiation. On the positive side, UV technology is chemical-free and easy to maintain. Unfortunately, it cannot reduce TDS, nor can it filter bacteria that radiation manages to kill. Dead creatures continue to exist in your drinking water.

What is RO (Reverse Osmosis) Water Purifier?

RO water purifier is called reverse osmosis water purifier, which is considered to have good purification effect on the market. The water purifier applies force along the concentrated water area, which flows through the semi-permeable membrane to produce pure RO water. This process can not only simply eliminate harmful particles, but also remove dissolved solids (TDS value), thereby converting hard water into soft water, suitable for consumption. It is equipped with pre-filter (PPF), precipitation filter, carbon filter and RO membrane, etc., to ensure that natural minerals and nutrients maintain a healthy lifestyle while eliminating only harmful elements.

If your water is hard and has TDS, it is wise to buy an RO water purifier.

What is UF (ultrafiltration) water purifier?

UF technology is known as a good form of filtration. It can work without any electricity and eliminate suspended solids, larger particles and molecules from the water through a hollow membrane. This water purifier can kill and eliminate bacteria and microorganisms, but will not remove dissolved solids. It can’t convert hard water into soft water, which is what RO water purifier can do to provide you with clean RO water.


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