Shenzhen is a city born out of innovation. By issuing the first stock of New China and sounding the “first hammer” of China’s land auction, Shenzhen took the lead in breaking through old concepts and disseminating new ideas from the very beginning of the establishment of the special zone, exploring the way for China’s reform, development and innovation with one after another. Currently facing a period of transformation and development, Shenzhen has promulgated the Regulations on the National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone for Special Economic Zones and promoted the “Ten Action Plans” for innovation. It has once again achieved a magnificent turn with innovation, and has become the vanguard of innovation and development under the new normal of China’s economy, and has become people’s mind “City of Makers” and “City of Innovation”.

The ability to innovate continues to increase. 3 Nobel Prize scientist laboratories, the Advanced Institute of Information Science led by Turing Prize winners, 5 manufacturing innovation centers, and 7 overseas innovation centers were established. Shenzhen Cyberspace Science and Technology Guangdong Laboratory was approved for construction . The whole society has invested more than 90 billion yuan in research and development, which accounted for 4.13% of GDP; 195 new innovation carriers of various types at and above the city level were newly added, with a total of 1,688; won 15 national science and technology awards in 2017.

Innovative industries continue to grow. Newly added 3193 state-level high-tech enterprises, totaling 11230, Liuxiandong Strategic Emerging Industry Headquarters Base, Baoan “Internet +” Future Technology City, Longgang Apollo Future Industrial City, Pingshan Julongshan Intelligent Manufacturing Future Industry Cluster, etc. Speed ​​up planning and construction. Activities such as the 19th China Hi-Tech Fair, the first China Shenzhen Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition International Competition, the 2017 National College Net Security League Finals, and the global premiere pilot of intelligent driving buses were successfully held. The added value of high-tech industries increased by 12.2%, the added value of emerging industries increased by 13.6%, and the proportion of GDP increased to 40.8%.

The comprehensive innovation ecosystem continues to improve. Introduced the “36 Articles” to strengthen intellectual property protection, studied the establishment of intellectual property management institutions, established the Shenzhen Intellectual Property Court, was approved to establish the China (South) Intellectual Property Operation Center, built the Nanshan Intellectual Property Protection Center and put it into operation, and was a national intellectual property demonstration Speed ​​up the construction of cities. Establish an angel investment guidance fund and establish an intellectual property pledge financing risk compensation fund. Newly added 3 national “double innovation” demonstration bases including Futian District. Formulate and implement regulations on talent work, take the lead in establishing “Talent Day”, build a talent park, establish a wholly state-owned talent group, hold the 15th China International Talent Exchange Conference, add 12 full-time academicians, and the total amount of various talents exceeds 510 Ten thousand people provide support for innovation and development.

The miracle of Shenzhen is both present and future.


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