micro switch

The waterproof push micro switch is a contact mechanism with a small contact interval and a quick-moving mechanism, which performs a switching action with a prescribed stroke and a prescribed force, and is covered with a casing, and a switch having a drive rod outside thereof because of the contact pitch of the switch Relatively small, hence the name waterproof micro switch, also known as a sensitive switch.

D2F ultra-small basic switch – waterproof micro switch, also known as a sensitive switch, snap switch. The pressure-driven quick opening turns off. Used for door switches in anti-theft systems, etc. Classification of waterproof micro-switches: There are many types of waterproof micro-switches, there are hundreds of internal structures, and they are divided into ordinary types, small sizes, and ultra-small according to volume. According to protective performance, there are waterproof types, dustproof types, and explosion-proof types. Type; divided into separate forms, single-type, double-type, multi-connected.

There is also a strong disconnection waterproof microswitch (when the reed of the switch does not work, the external force can also make the switch open); according to the breaking capacity, there are common types, DC type, microcurrent type, high current type.

According to the use environment, there are common types, high-temperature resistant type (250 °C), and super high temperature resistant ceramic type (400 °C).

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