In the manual operation of the toggle switch, the switch action can be divided into two stages. The first step is to manually pull the handle from the middle to vertical. At this time, the tip of the single-pole slider gradually moves closer to the middle until it reaches the middle position, and the compression spring is further compressed. After the handle passes through the vertical position, the single-pole slider quickly moves in the other direction under the pressure of the spring, driving the handle to rotate quickly.

At this time, the movable contact piece of the toggle switch is quickly separated from the fixed contact pin on one side, and is quickly connected with the fixed contact pin on the other side. This is the second stage. At this time, the contact separation speed is related to the spring pressure and the friction between the moving parts, and the speed is very high.

According to the test, the time from the contact disconnection to the reconnection of the toggle switch is only about milliseconds, and the average speed is a few milliseconds. The speed is many times faster than the manual traction speed or the manipulation test traction speed. Notes for the toggle switch: First, the appropriate switch and connector type should be selected according to the use conditions and functions. The rated voltage and current of the switch and connector should have a certain margin

In order to ensure reliable contact, the contacts and joints of the switch should have a certain margin for parallel use or backup. Try to choose a connector with positioning to avoid faulty contact connections caused by incorrect insertion and reliable welding. In order to prevent the wire from short-circuiting, the life test of the toggle switch of the protective sleeve should be protected during welding, because the test life of the toggle switch is obviously related to the moving speed of the board during the test.

In order to measure the correct service life, there should be a correct test pulling speed. Since the test life should reflect the service life of manual operation, the traction speed of this mobile test should be consistent with the traction speed of manual operation. In other words, the value of manual traction speed needs to be tested. The toggle switch uses a millisecond meter to measure the switching time of the switch, which can measure the traction time from one extreme position to another extreme position.

Toggle switch traction speed can be calculated by traction time and traction distance. This speed is the average speed of the entire traction distance. According to the actual test, when the operator is not working, the speed of the hand is different. The same operator also has a difference at 3:00 pm every time, the average is about. One millisecond.

Although there is no domestic standard for toggle switches, there are still some foreign standards for reference. In December last year, the U.S. military formulated a general specification for airtight toggle switches, which stipulated that toggle switches should be driven by electric drives at a speed of 1 minute, 1 inch, and 1 state second. Under the above test conditions, the number of tests per minute and the trigger speed of the toggle switch are specified.


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