When the three-in-one socket is connected, the zero and ground wires cannot be connected wrongly (generally, the left and right of the socket are grounded on the fire, otherwise the electrical equipment will be plugged in, and it will trip when it is turned on. In addition, what are the connection methods for the power socket? Woolen cloth?

  1. First use a test pen to find the live wire.
  2. Turn off the power supply of the three-in-one socket.
  3. Connect the live wire to the A mark of one of the two holes of the switch, and then take a 2.5MM2 insulated wire from the other hole and connect it to the L hole of the three holes of the socket below to connect it firmly.
  4. Find out that the neutral wire is directly connected to the N hole of the 3 holes of the socket and connect it firmly.


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