What are the Technical Parameters Sockets and Switches Must Meet?

A toggle switch lets you control the electrical circuit open or close by just flicking a lever back and forth. With small size and convenient operation, it’s widely used in electronic equipment.

We produce a variety of toggle switches in all styles and configurations. For Panel or PCB Mount, We have standard, miniature and sub-miniature switches in single pole, double poles, triple poles and four poles configurations, Momentary and Alternate. Bat Actuator, Flat Actuator, Long Metal Actuator, Short Metal Actuator, Plastic Actuator are all Available, and Screw Terminals, Solder Lugs, Quick-Connect Terminals for your choose.

How to choose a toggle switch? The most important thing is to confirm the Current and Voltage Rating of the device and leave with a certain margin. It’s better to choose 6A Toggle switch if the current rating is 3A. After that, choose the suitable size and function of the switch.


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