What are the Technical Parameters Sockets and Switches Must Meet?

Toggle switch operation attention factor

Attention factor one
The material of the toggle switch base plate is composed of some high precision components, so please avoid contact with some corrosive chemicals for the storage of the switch. In order to avoid corrosion of the switching elements, it is rendered unusable.

Attention factor two

Generally, the toggle button of the toggle switch should be as short as possible, because when the general switch slides the handle, if it is too long, it will affect the operation feel on the one hand, and it is also inconvenient to use. Therefore, the shorter the length of the slider of the general toggle switch, the better the feel will be.

Attention factor three

Toggle switches should generally not use some water-soluble fluxes during soldering. Otherwise, it will have some adverse effects on the pins that lead to the switch and other component materials. For example, the welding is unstable.

Attention factor four

There is also a problem in the process of installing the wiring. Because there are many pins, do not make a wrong connection for the wiring between the pins. Otherwise, it is easy to cause some malfunctions, and it is also possible to make a mistake. A condition that causes the switch to be unusable.

Attention factor five

The toggle switch is very sensitive to the reaction of current and voltage. In particular, the switch operated by the reed type cannot be overloaded during use. If it is overloaded, it is easy to cause the switch spring to heat up and cause damage. The phenomenon. Therefore, in general, the switch electrical considerations are very noticeable in terms of switching load performance.


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