Waterproof cable glands are most suitable for use in environments where water and debris may pass through the cable opening. These cable fittings form a tight seal that can act as a barrier against water and debris, and prevent unnecessary damage to the electronic equipment connected to the cable.

When used with cable accessories, these cable glands perform two key functions: connect the cable to the lighting accessory and seal the cable opening to prevent water and particles from entering. When the lamp is to be used outdoors, waterproof cable accessories must be used. Using the wrong cable gland will destroy the IP protection level of the accessory and may cause water and particles to enter the accessory.

IP rating refers to the resistance of the lamp to water and other particles. The higher the level, the higher the resistance of the lamp to water and dust.

When installing the luminaire outdoors, the cable gland must be tightened. After installation, the cable glands need to be checked regularly. If these show signs of deterioration, they should be replaced immediately.

If you use single-core or multi-core cables, avoid using single cable glands. This will only cause water to enter. If you must use more than one cable when installing the luminaire outdoors, use a junction box instead. This will eliminate the possibility of water and dust seeping through the cable opening.

However, in addition to using the appropriate type of waterproof cable accessories, the owner should also carefully select the appropriate cable. Please refer to the recommendations of the luminaire manufacturer. Generally, the manufacturer recommends using a 3-core cable with a rubber sheath. However, for outdoor use, PVC sheathed cables are preferred due to their high sealing ability.

Whenever possible, ask a qualified electrician to help you install outdoor lighting. Not only can this help you avoid the tedious work of installing accessories on the property or eliminate the guesswork involved, but hiring professionals can also ensure the safety of your home and property. After installation, please contact an electrician at least once a year to check your outdoor lighting devices and the cable glands used. If these show signs of deterioration, replace them immediately.


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