In order to test the performance of the waterproof electrical connectors, we have developed the following performance test methods, mainly from the aspects of electrical strength, insulation resistance, waterproof performance and so on.

Electric strength: In the normal working environment, the test voltage between the conductor and the insulator should be as high as no flying or flying fox and the leakage current should be less than 2 amps.

Insulation resistance: The resistance at room temperature is greater than 1000 ohms.

Contact resistance: The contact resistance under normal conditions is less than 10 ohms.

Salt spray test: After 48 hours of neutral salt spray test at a temperature of 35 ± 2 ° C, no corrosion affecting performance can occur.

Waterproof performance: immersed in water for half an hour, no water ingress indicates good waterproof performance.


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