1. The waterproof electrical connectors has precise technical performance, and it is precisely processed from design, process and quality control. The first is the use of high-precision processing equipment for its special processing of molds, the selection of experienced production personnel and advanced equipment technology to achieve high-quality product manufacturing.

2, the product’s advantages and competitiveness to a certain extent depends on the level of technology, the need to constantly improve and improve the production and processing technology, which allows the connector to improve its manufacturing efficiency and quality assurance capabilities. From the fine and rigorous manufacturing process, we will optimize the products in terms of pitch reduction and thin thickness to ensure that the products reach the advanced level in super fine.

3, waterproof connector uses low temperature and low pressure molding technology to utilize the sealing and physical chemistry of hot melt raw materials, to achieve good insulation and high temperature resistance, and to ensure that the solder joints are not pulled by external force after the sealing device At the same time, the contact points of the connector body and the wire have impact resistance characteristics, which effectively ensure the reliability, stability and long service life of the product.

There are hundreds of types of waterproof connectors used in general cars. There are hundreds of connectors required for a single model. As people demand safety, environmental protection, intelligence, and economy. The higher the rate, the increasing use of automotive electronic devices, and the number and scope of actual applications will gradually increase.


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