Economical and affordable: The price of diesel engines is lower than gasoline engines of the same power, so it can reduce the cost of power generation.


Reliable and stable operation: Diesel engines have less impact on the climate and have lower failure rates, making their operation more reliable and stable.



Low noise: The noise generated by the diesel engine during operation is low, generally below 80 decibels, which is much lower than that of gasoline generator sets.


Low maintenance costs: Diesel engines have longer maintenance intervals and smaller oil consumption, making their maintenance costs lower.


Long service life: The diesel engine can be used continuously for more than 100,000 hours, reducing the trouble of replacing equipment.



Low fuel costs: Diesel engines have lower fuel consumption, and each unit saves about 0.4 yuan in fuel consumption per hour on average compared to a turbine-generator unit.


Strong environmental adaptability: It can be used in cold or hot environments, high altitudes or mines.


The disadvantage is that the better the brand and the higher the quality of the unit, the price may be higher. Burning diesel will cause certain air pollution. Of course, this problem will occur whether it is gasoline or diesel.



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