Life and work, are inseparable from a variety of equipment


many of  them large or small equipment to normal use, are in the role of the connector. At present, the connectors produced by the connectors with good service attitude are welcomed by the users because of their complete types and various connection modes. So what are the common connections that connectors use?


1. Surface mount connection methods of connectors


Surface mount is a kind of quick connection way, the connecting part of the board end is filled with fodder tin material in advance, and the contact part is accurately placed on the line of the board end with special machine, and it is connected after high temperature.

So the connector manufacturer emphasizes that the connector of the table paste needs to be able to withstand high temperature, the connector pin and the printed board surface of the pad for plane contact, welding surface and pins are located on the same side of the printed board, according to the different installation methods can be divided into horizontal table paste, vertical table paste and straddle type, table paste.



2. Soldering connection methods of connectors


The most important thing in the soldering connection is the continuity of the metal between the soldering material and the soldered surface. Therefore, weldability is important for the connectors produced by the connector manufacturers.

The common coatings for welding ends of electrical connectors are tin alloy, silver, and gold.Connector end side pin inserted into the PCB through hole, usually in the opposite side of the brazing pad, through welding to achieve the PCB and connector reliable connection, can be selected according to the applicable temperature manual welding, wave soldering and reflow soldering.



3. no welding pressure type

Connector manufacturers know that press-in end pins usually have a special cross section, embedded in the coated hole of the printed board (the hole must have a coating layer, otherwise it can not conduct electricity), the joint part of the interference fit, can achieve solderless electrical connection and mechanical connection.



4. elastic connection methods of connectors


The contact part is of elastic structure, and the elastic terminal at the end of the contact part is separable elastic contact with the surface pad of the printed board.

Connector manufacturers found that in practical use, relying on the internal elasticity of the contactor to provide compression force, so that the contactor and the PCB pad closely fit, so as to achieve conduction connection.



There is no doubt that the connector manufacturer produced with good quality with a variety of different ways of connection.When selecting the connection methods of connectors, the characteristics and operation points of different methods must be the suitable equipment structure, to a greater extent ensure the connecting way of life.



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