The features of the FILN 19mm high current 15A metal small push button switch with LED lights are as follows: the mounting hole size is 19mm, it is designed with 1 NO and a large current, the maximum current can reach 15A, built-in LED bright, high service life beads.

The description of the FILN 19mm high current metal push button LED light with the ring.

The pin of the small push button LED lights adopts a 4.8*0.5mm fast terminal, riveted with large contacts, the current can be larger. At the same time, the tail of the fast terminal can be processed by various wires and different materials.

How to make a push button led light?

The shell of the FILN push button switch with LED light was processed using a high-precision CNC lathe, the base adopts a high-temperature-resistant material, such as PA66 with flame-retardant function. After the machine has riveted the fast connection terminal, weld the resistance and LED beads on the pin, this can satisfy the use of different voltages, such as 12V, 120V, and 220V lights.

The button of the FILN push button LED light is installed on the base, then put the 19mm stainless steel shell to the seat, and finally use the tooling clamp for riveting tooling. Before riveting, conduct a FILN push button LED light on-off test, a lights-on test, and a final appearance inspection.

What are the advantages of FILN push button LED light?

The 15A metal small push button LED lights had passed the certifications of the American UL certification, EU CE, ROSH, and REACH. The button’s touch feel is excellent, beautiful appearance, and accepts customization.

Where does the 15A push button LED light used?

This FILN 19mm high current metal push button LED light with the ring is generally used in small household appliances, such as water purifiers, hot kettles, heaters, negative ion generators, range hoods, and doorbells, control boxes, monitoring, and security, etc. On the children’s toys, such as the balance car, and remote control car. On the communication equipment, such as 4G, 5G signal control box.

On the large current industrial machinery and equipment, such as laser cutters, cranes, printing presses.

How to buy this 15A push button LED light

If you need to customize the FILN push button LED light or want to wire directly, you can write an email to our button technical engineer, and he will give you a satisfactory solution, his email address is inquiry@cnylin.com.cn.

If you need a small amount of 15A metal small push button switch LED lights, you can place an order on www.cnfiln.com, FILN will arrange the delivery on the same day.

FILN has over 11 years of button production experience and a professional R&D team that can customize various styles of button switches according to your requirements.




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