What are the harm to people from drinking unclean water for a long time?

Water is the source of life and an indispensable part of the human body.The water in the human body is renewed every 5 to 13 days.If 70%of the water in the human body is clean,then the cells in the human body will be healthy and fresh environment.Otherwise,it is unhealthy.

Nowadays the tap water and well water cann’t be directly drunk because of pollution,so what are the harm to people from drinking unclean water for a long time?

1,Complications of cancer cells;

2,Cardiovascular sclerosis;

3,Diseases of the digestive system;

4,Excessive heavy metals in the body;

5,Other diseases etc.

Nowadays,people requirements for water are getting higher and higher,Paying more and more attention to their health.From the beginning,the water dispenser only has cooling and heating functions without sterilization and filtration,so the current water purifier,are constantly updated.Looking for a safe drinking method that is most suitable for the moment.

What are the functions of the water purifier?

Generally,water purifier have 5 levels of filtration.Let’s take a look at the function of the 5 levels:

The first level:PP Cotton,remove particles,impurities,blood worms and other harmful substances in the water;

The second and third level:Pre-activated carbon,remove residual chlorine and organic impurities,absorb the thought,color and smell;

The fourth level:RO Membrane,remove bacteria,viruses,scale,heavy metals,etc;

The last level:Post activated carbon,remove peculiar smell and improve taste.

The water purifier improves the disadvantages of the traditional water dispenser,and at the same time improves the water quality.With the improvement of living standards,the water purifier will be recognized and promoted by more and more people.


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