There are three types of electrical insulation tapes:

The first type is insulating black tape, which generally only has an insulating function, but is neither flame-retardant nor waterproof. It has been gradually eliminated in the market now, and it is only used in some civil building electrical appliances.

The second type is PVC electrical flame-retardant tape. This tape has three functions: insulation, flame-retardant, and waterproof. However, because it is made of pvc material, it has poor ductility, and it still cannot wrap the joints tightly and waterproof. Sex is not ideal, but it is now widely used.

The third type is high-voltage self-adhesive tape. This type of tape is generally used for higher-level voltages. It is because of its good ductility and better waterproofness than the second type, so people also apply it to low-voltage In the field, but because its strength is not as good as PVC electrical flame retardant tape, usually these two types need to be used together.

These three types are all electrical insulating tapes, each of which is different, with its shortcomings and its own advantages.


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