Q: Could you introduce the rocker switch to us?

A: OK, there are many types of rocker switches in our company, but the best-selling model is KCD 4. Transparent cover painted cover or stainless steel cover, there will always be one that customers like best. ON OFF, ON OFF ON, which one would a customer choose? What products are copper contacts suitable for and what are the advantages of silver contacts? In order to better recommend the rocker switch to customers, most of our work is watching the PPT, go to the workshop to study and ask the workers or do it by ourselves.

 Q: What can the rocker switch be used for?

A: The rocker switch is used in the kitchen equipment, display monitors, computer power supplies, and many other devices and applications. We have a rocker switch with and without the lights. If it is with a light, it is not very strong and doesn’t sting the eyes. But in the dark, it’s bright enough for us to see it accurately.

Q: Could you tell us how do we know if our rocker switch is bad?

A: To test the switch. You can take a multimeter and check for continuity with the switch in the on position. If you have continuity and all gear behind the switch is dark. Look to see if the ground bus the equipment is connected to the battery.

Q: How to remove the rocker switch cover without a tool?

A: Once you have the old rocker cover, putting a new actuator on is a piece of cake and required no tools. Simply insert the little prong on the back of the actuator into the hole in the center of the switch body and press the actuator down firmly on both sides.

Q: Where the rocker switch is used?

A: Rocker Switch has a button for an operation that can be pressed on either end like a seesaw to connect or disconnect an electrical circuit. They are often used as ON/ OFF switches on the main power supplies for electronic devices. Our current ON/ OFF/ ON switch is also selling well.

Next, I want to put a picture of my lucky product. If you are my customers, should I ask you some of these questions as below?

The Rocker Switch
The Rocker Switch

1.Which color do you need? Red, yellow, blue, green. White

2.What is the voltage of your ideal lamp?

3.Could you tell me how many you want?

4.Waterproof or not?

OK, then I want to speak a story about my first client and me. My first client was a manufacturer responsible for the production of kitchen equipment. There are several problems with the rocker switch they are using now.

  1. The rocker switch looks ugly. Sometimes it feels awkward to be mounted on an instrument.
  2. The rocker switch is not waterproof. There is a lot of water vapor in the kitchen for a long time, which causes the lamp to burn off.
  3. The light of the rocker switch is too dim, which makes the customer think the switch is broken, so they often go to the customer’s home to repairing their equipment.
  4. The cover of the rocker switch is too uniform. They hope the rocker switch will give a shine to the instruments installed.

So many problems accumulate that customers may even think that their products are really of poor quality and no innovation. As we all know that as a manufacturer, the issue of innovation and product quality is extremely important. But this kind of situation can make customers treat my customers with suspicion.

In fact, just after hearing about the customer, I have no feeling at all. Because I don’t know much about our own products. But this was my first customer, so I went to the workshop to ask the workers, to see the production process, to ask the technicians some technical parameters, and so on. Fortunately, our products have already improved on this basis.

  1. The cover of our rocker switch is stainless steel, painted, transparent, and so on.
  2. The waterproof rating of our rocker switch is IP68, So it doesn’t matter if the rocker switch falls into the water. We also added a waterproof frame to make it look better.
  3. Our rocker switch has a very strong light source and its life span of almost 50,000 hours.
  4. Our rocker switch has a wide variety of cover, painted cover or stainless steel cover, and other types.

You might ask: can rocker switch be customized?

  1. If you want to make a customized rocker switch, FILN company can produce them. The rocker switch engineers will first check whether our current product abrasive tool plastic is suitable for your customized plastics. If there is any, you don’t need to start grinding, just modify it, which will reduce the r&d cost.
  2. If there is no matching one, then we will redesign the grinding tool. However, you will have to bear the cost of its design and grinding tool in the early stage. The design and development time of one kind of them is about 30 days. We still need to negotiate a specific situation.


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